We are delivering excellent ballot services to manage your elections from beginning to end entirely. We have described our full range of services below. However, you can custom choose any combination of these as part of your package.

We provide overall election conduction, which includes planning and executing the whole election process. We go over all the required rules set out by the HOA, create the timeline for the election, and prepare for all setbacks that may occur. We ensure the provision of expertise and fairness throughout our service.

This service includes the following deliverables:

  • Determining the details and timings of the election event.
  • Authenticating nomination forms received, determine the eligibility of candidates, and check the terms of correspondence issued in respect of each nomination.
  • Making judgments on procedural issues or errors that may arise during a ballot, and considering all matters arising on the broader environment in which the electoral event is being conducted.
  • Handling any appeals or complaints during the course of an election, determining their validity following the rules, and communicating with all parties in respect of each case, the decision, and the reasons.
  • Tabulating and announcing theresults of the election.

All of the HOA election services mentioned above include various specific duties. These are handled by our inspectors as well. These include,

  • Customized designing of election package and ballots;
  • In-house mailing services (printing, assembly, postage);
  • A thorough review of governing documents;
  • Plan a timeline of events;
  • Receive, register, and securely hold all returned ballots;
  • Assistance with the election process (voting, questions, etc.);
  • Tabulation of all the results;
  • Provide after meeting summary and election report;
  • Ballot storage.

Custom Services

We also provide custom services, which are a bunch of special accommodations for our customers. These include,

  • Election website;
  • Business reply mail/return envelopes;
  • Voting reminders by SMS, mail or email;
  • On-site ballot box/unsigned ballot solution;
  • Additional inspectors.
  • Corporate elections services.