About us

Our team leads have over 15 years of experience in conducting elections for HOAs and other community associations. Ballot mailing, tabulation, storage; our team is capable of handling all the procedures of holding an HOA election.

AEI was founded on the knowledge that HOAs operate on a yearly budget, which makes it difficult for them to conduct the expensive process of elections. Our goal is to hence offer all ballot processing services at a reasonable quote, which satisfies all parties. We can design the best package as per your requirements and provide an affordable price tag.

AEI election inspectors are trained to ensure an efficient and easy-going election process. We understand your needs and create a plan for the elections. The plan includes preparing for all the steps of the process, ballot distribution and collection, counting the votes, and tabulating the results. We also take into account the specific guidelines of the association while processing the ballots.

Our Core Values

We at AEI believe that certain core values are necessary for this business to operate efficiently. The management and employees have worked together to define a system of values that we practice, and that also represents AEI.

These values had helped us get through the obstacles when we were establishing ourselves, and we believe that they will help us in doing great business.


We believe our business requires trusting the clients and their sensibilities. An election process has to be fair and free, and mutual trust is a must in making that possible. We think that we can build strong relationships with our clients through trust and continue to do business together.


Our team’s vast experience in the industry allows AEI to operate at the highest standard. We use this wealth of knowledge to facilitate our clients as best we can, while continuing to develop a deeper understanding of their requirements.


Our clients’ needs are our foremost priority. Hence, we try our level best to accommodate their suggestions and concerns into our work. We have multiple channels of communication that we utilize to engage with all our current and potential customers. We also believe that through valuable consumer insight, we can improve our election campaign services and deliver at the highest level.