‘Election Inspectors That Get the Job Done Effectively.’
Affordable and Experienced Election Inspectors at your Service.
We Can Match any Quote, and that’s our Promise.

Our inspectors have 15+ years of experience with conducting elections
for homeowner’s associations. Let us help you make your election
process smooth and affordable.

About Affordable Election Inspectors LLC

Affordable Election Inspectors aims to
provide an efficient stress free election
process from beginning to end.

AEI Strives to Deliver an Efficient, Precise, and End-To-End Election Process.

Our team leads have over 15 years of experience in conducting elections for HOAs and other community associations. Ballot mailing, tabulation, storage; our team is capable of handling all the procedures of holding an HOA election.

AEI was founded on the knowledge that HOAs operate on a yearly budget, which makes it difficult for them to conduct the expensive process of elections. Our goal is to hence offer all ballot processing services at a reasonable quote, which satisfies all parties. We can design the best package as per your requirements and provide an affordable price tag.

Try us; we guarantee to match any other quote in the market.

Our Services

Count on Us to Deliver Excellence.

Our HOA election inspectors are trained and ready to help you conduct a hassle-free election process. Give a look at our main services below.
• Planning of the election event.
• Receiving nominations and authenticating the eligibility.
• Managing any issues that may arise during the HOA election process.
• Effectively handling any complaints received regarding the fairness of the process.
• Tabulating and publishing the results.

Our Story

The owners of AEI have coordinated several election services for community associations for over 15 years.
This experience will be provided to all employees of AEI as well.

We also understand that homeowners’ associations operate on a yearly budget and will do our best to provide a package that
best fits the needs suitable for each community.

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Always on The Lookout for Potential

We are actively looking for industry professionals to join our growing team. We encourage all passionate individuals with experience in community associations elections to apply and join us.

AEI’s Vision

Affordable Balloting Services for Everyone

AEI aims to utilize its vast experience in the property management industry to provide affordable and efficientballoting services
for community associations and homeowner association members.

We work with

  • Board member elections
  • Earthquake insurance votes
  • Special Assessment votes
  • Governing document revisions.
Professional and Experienced Team
Affordable Rates
15+ Years Experience

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